5 Amazing Quotes of The Book Reinvent Yourself by Narayan Jha

Reinvent yourself book by Narayan Jha is all about living a life with simplicity and strategic thinking that can help you to avoid the unnecessary problems of life. There are several lessons are shared in terms of best practices quotes.

Quotes of reinvent yourself by Narayan Jha

Quote 1:

In the endeavor of flying high like eagle, I forgot to chirping like a sparrow.

Quote 2:

Sometimes living in ultra imaginary world will let you do outstanding things.

Quote 3:

Someday, Somehow, Somewhere your investments are going to come to you by some another way.

Quote 4:

Never think big things Just start with little, It will encourage you to do big things.

Quote 5:

Be like a flower that never forgets to spread the fragrance until it dies.

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