Energy is something which plays a really important role in our individual's life. Living things and Non-living things both require some kind of energy to live, perform or react. We human get energy from food, oxygen, and water whereas in non-living things it stores some charges from different mediums like sun, air, etc. which is also a form of Energy which generally human uses for their own purpose. Selenium and germanium are some of their best examples.

Solar Power

Solar Energy is kind of blessings for the human life. This is free, Maintance free and long living source of energy. In this…

The starting of the Year 2020 was not that much great. Because this was the Time of Corona Virus or in other words Covid 19. It has stopped almost every aspect of human life like transport, Technology, Finance, Food industry. Almost every industry was captured by the power of Corona. It insisted human beings use masks, face shields, and sanitizers. This is one side of covid 19 which we all know. But there are some other sides as well which corona has contributed in a better way. Let's get started with each contribution.

The good impact of covid 19 on Nature

In the worst situation of Covid 19…


Hello everyone hope this html blog series is helping you to learn basics of web development at a beginner level so here we go, so in this blog we are going to learn about other elements and attribute which we can use to add creativity and kind of life to our html page, so let’s get started.

So the first topic is HTML Element:

HTML element is the words which have start tag and end tag and some content between the tags are called as Elements, HTML elements are further categorized into 2 types:

  • Nested HTML Elements: nested html elements which contain other element. for eg: <…

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the code that organizes a web page’s structure and content. Content may be organized using a series of paragraphs, a list of bulleted points, or photographs and data tables, for example.


Introduction of basic structure of HTML

So in this blog we are going to learn about the basic structure of HTML, how do we start writing HTML code, check the below image to see how do we start basic HTML.

Excel is wonderful tool to work with the Data. whereas Data plays a very important role to make business rise. If you know how to work with the Data then you are aware how to work or deal with the any kind of business. Many Tech Giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft just focuses on data and by analyzing the behavior of data they are making money like water with very less efforts. In this blog you are going to learn some basics steps and tools which can be useful for a beginner to understand or analyze the data. This blog…

Mobile application is amazing way to reduce the frontend traffic from the servers. Because the frontend is already available in the mobile memory itself. so the internal data is only exchanged in this way a efficient product can be developed.

android and iOS application development

The best way to develop a mobile application using IONIC Angular. using code once and deploy anywhere technique we can create a android and iOS both application with just writing one code base. Its very easy to develop a mobile application using the Ionic components.

Click here to get the list of components and code snippet.

Excel is a wonderful tool designed by Microsoft to work with Tabular data. The power of excel is great and it is being used by many industries. It doesn’t matter from which domain you belong Excel works really well like the magic stick of Harry Porter.

Let's start with an example.

Example 1: A accountant uses Excel to manage the financial data in his/her domain.

Example 2: A data scientist or Computer engineer uses excel to preprocess data, Clean the data, Automation stuff, Creating SQL-based Queries and the list of uses is unending.

Let's see how to open an excel…

From our school days, we heard something called Derivatives. Which sounds like a zombie.

Yeah, I know!!!!! Most of us must ever have this question why derivatives? What is the use of derivatives in real life? But guys believe me this is one of the interesting topics that is changing everyone’s world. I am writing this blog because I failed a lot of times in mathematics. I don’t want to let others suffer the same. …

Introduction to AWS Transcribe

AWS Transcribe is an on-demand, highly customizable speech to a text transcription tool. It is reliable for decoding several audio formats from data stored in S3 and provides correct interpretation for each word, including time marks. AWS Transcribe can also function on streaming audio, delivering a real-time stream of transcribed text. AWS Transcribe supports 16 languages plus four versions in English. But as of October 2019, online audio only supports 5 languages.

AWS Transcribe can distinguish multiple speakers since too many of our experiences include more than one voice. When the work is requested, the number of voices AWS Transcribe…


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