From our school days, we heard something called Derivatives. Which sounds like a zombie.

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Yeah, I know!!!!! Most of us must ever have this question why derivatives? What is the use of derivatives in real life? But guys believe me this is one of the interesting topics that is changing everyone’s world. I am writing this blog because I failed a lot of times in mathematics. I don’t want to let others suffer the same. …

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Introduction to AWS Transcribe

AWS Transcribe is an on-demand, highly customizable speech to a text transcription tool. It is reliable for decoding several audio formats from data stored in S3 and provides correct interpretation for each word, including time marks. AWS Transcribe can also function on streaming audio, delivering a real-time stream of transcribed text. AWS Transcribe supports 16 languages plus four versions in English. But as of October 2019, online audio only supports 5 languages.

AWS Transcribe can distinguish multiple speakers since too many of our experiences include more than one voice. When the work is requested, the number of voices AWS Transcribe can remember will need to be specified. In comparison, where the audio is transmitted on various networks, says a client on one channel, and the call center agent on another, the channel will be used to determine which voice is what, and include explanations of each channel and the two networks. …

Introduction of AWS Translate

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AWS Translate is the neural network tool that provides outcomes faster and more reliable than conventional rule-based approaches. It supports a wide variety of languages along with personalized vocabulary that enables you to define names, organization, and how it is interpreted. It facilitates bulk / fast text data batch processing and real-time processing for fast data such as conversations, messages, etc.

Around 6,500 languages are spoken in the entire world according to one of the surveys. But I’m sure the real amount is certainly higher than that. Yeah, knowing all the languages in the universe is 99.9 percent unlikely, but we as humans are still curious to know the unknowns. So hopefully if we had a method that can convert foreign language into the one we know, it will take away the difficulty of knowing someone with a foreign language. …

Amazon Cognito is a user authentication tool that allows user sign-up and sign-in, and simple, fast, and safe access control for smartphone and web applications. You can build a user directory in Amazon Cognito which helps the application to function when the users are not online and to save and synchronize data on the user’s account. It provides the user with a consistent application interface, whatever the platform.

Amazon Cognito helps, on the scale, millions of users and authenticates accounts from social identity providers like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, or corporate identity providers like Microsoft Active Directory via SAML, or your own identity provider scheme.
With Amazon Cognito, you will focus on creating better product features for the user, rather than thinking about designing safe and flexible application frameworks for managing user access control permissions and device-wide synchronization. …

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AWS Rekognition

What is AWS Rekognition?

Amazon Rekognition is a solution for image and video analysis, a software in the category Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning which uses deep learning machines to recognize objects in an image. It is a highly scalable application that can interpret the image easily, and recognize the objects in the image or video.
It takes no understanding of machine learning to use and the computer vision scientists at Amazon are actively reviewing new images and videos behind the scenes, refining the deep learning algorithm, and introducing new capabilities to the app.

How to use AWS Rekognition

While the AWS Console involves some minimal contact with AWS Rekognition, the implementation of Rekognition is basically applied via the SDK.
The image and video can be sent directly via the API call by using the SDK, or by forwarding a URL to an object that is stored in S3. If the image bytes are sent to the API, the image must be encoded as Base64, which is automatically executed for you in certain languages. For moving an S3 object then the Base64 encoding does not need to be done. …

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SQS-stands for Simple Queue Service-is a service operated by AWS to handle queueing of messages.

One service sends messages in a queue and another service receives those messages. It can be used for a whole range of purposes.

SQS frees developers from the worries of setting up and managing a queue structure as a managed service. The service will provide everything required out of the box and scale seamlessly to meet the demand.

This can be a great match for projects working on a tight schedule as well as for development teams small and medium in scale.

What is it used for

SQS is also used for the complement of distributed backend services. Instead of making one service communicate directly with another, the contact may be intermediated by a queue. …

What is AWS Athena and how to get working with an immersive database service?

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Amazon Web Services ( AWS) released Amazon Athena (AWS Athena) in November 2016, a modern app that uses Facebook Presto, an ANSI-standard SQL to access the engine directly from Amazon Quick Storage Facility, or Amazon S3.

Amazon claims AWS Athena is flexible enough to help large-scale projects while at the same time remaining open to smaller businesses that only need to operate a few queries a month. The acceptance of Athena was quite high and the usage of cases was convincing. For eg, organizations are building serverless business intelligence stacks with Athena, Apache Parquet, and Tableau.

Amazon Athena:

Amazon defines AWS Athena as an open, serverless database application. What makes Athena so fascinating is that a serverless approach will change how other people think about their application workflows. …

Introduction to Amazon Simple Notification Service

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AWS SNS stands for Simple Notification Service is a cloud service that handles and facilitates the transmission or distribution of messages to endpoints or customers who subscribe. This offers developers a highly scalable, cost-effective, and versatile ability to publish an application’s messages and distribute them to other applications.

It follows the messaging paradigm of publish-subscribe(pub-sub) with notification being delivered to the client using a push mechanism that removes the need to periodically check or poll for new information and updates.

All messages posted to Amazon SNS are processed redundantly around

various Availability Zones to prevent the message from being lost.

  • It follows the messaging paradigm of publish-subscribe(pub-sub) with notification being delivered to the client using a push mechanism that removes the need to periodically check or poll for new information and updates. …

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AWS Glue is a fully managed service for ETL. This service makes it easy and cost-effective to categorize, clean, improve and move your data efficiently and simply between different data stores.

It includes components such as a central metadata repository known as the AWS Glue Data Catalog, an ETL engine that automatically creates Python or Scala code, and a flexible task scheduling that handles dependency resolution, job monitoring, and retrieval.

AWS Glue is free and open source, which means that there is no infrastructure to set it up or handle.

Where else am I meant to use AWS Glue?



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