AI is going to take jobs of Software Engineers, Lets See How ?

Software industry is one of the amazing industry in all over the world. From last few years IT sector has boomed to the next level. This is one of such industry which never stopped even in the time of Pandemic (Covid-19). But the real pandemic of IT Sector is about to start.

Github Copilot

As per our Wakeupcoders norms Software industry is also known as the automation world where we can automate almost everything. From last few decades there are alot of autocomplete code plugins are developed like tabnine, kite and many more are there. But this is the first time when github came up with its first AI based code completion tool. It has the capability to understand the NLP whereas in other auto complete are just simple programs.

Github Copilot can write whole code for you, by just understanding the few keywords. Below is the example image for same.

Github Copilot Demo

Currently the copilot is in its testing phase and soon its production model is about to come. As we can see that the technology has reached to its advanced level and Generic AI is about to come. But if we say is it going to take jobs, The truth is not right now, but Yesssss!!!!! Its going to take the job. Because its developed using the OpenAI model and after its successful launch. Big tech giants or small smart up anyone would be will be able to hire just one programmer and organizations will take work of 5 programmers with just one programmer. Its really hard to accept for many of software engineers. But truth needs to be accepted as soon as possible.

So still this is the time, we should start working on such skills which is not being captured by AI. otherwise the actual pandemic for software is about to come.

Hope this bitter truth will be helpful you …

Happy Copilot Coding :)

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