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  • Vaibhav H Patil

    Vaibhav H Patil

  • Digi Spreaders

    Digi Spreaders

  • Bhardwajshashank


  • Sambhav Jain

    Sambhav Jain


  • Antonio Cachuan

    Antonio Cachuan

    Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer (2x GCP). When code meets data, success is assured 🧡. Happy to share code and ideas 💡 linkedin.com/in/antoniocachuan/

  • Purva Huilgol

    Purva Huilgol

    Data Science Product Manager at Analytics Vidhya. Masters in Data Science from University of Mumbai. Research Interest: NLP

  • Abhini Shetye

    Abhini Shetye

    Data Science, ML, DL enthusiast | Data Analytics @ Nearby Technologies | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhinishetye/

  • Rahil Shaikh

    Rahil Shaikh

    Senior Software Engineer | Machine Learning, Node.js, Angular, C#. Loves Travelling, Photography.| Learn something new every day.

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