How to make a APK File from Ionic Project ?

Mobile application is amazing way to reduce the frontend traffic from the servers. Because the frontend is already available in the mobile memory itself. so the internal data is only exchanged in this way a efficient product can be developed.

android and iOS application development

The best way to develop a mobile application using IONIC Angular. using code once and deploy anywhere technique we can create a android and iOS both application with just writing one code base. Its very easy to develop a mobile application using the Ionic components.

Click here to get the list of components and code snippet.

ionic components

If you dont have good system to develop a mobile application then use the power of cloud editor to develop a mobile application on the browser itself.

stackblitz ionic

Once writing the code we can also have a demo of the application on the right hand side. To learn how to develop a ionic application using HTML, CSS and JS. We can check from the Ionic website.

How to convert the APK from Ionic application source code ?

There are few steps which needs to ready before starting the conversion of apk from the ionic project.

Step 1: Install the Android studio in the system :

Step 2: Make sure java (JDK)1.8 must be installed and environment variable must be set on the system.

Environment Variable setup

set the following variables of Android SDK and Java JDK and JRE.

Android SDK setup

Also we need to set the path of Java in the Path section as mentioned below.

Environment Variable for java

Step 3: Download and install the Gradle, Add the path in the environment.

Download the binary and extract into somewhere in the C drive of the computer.

setup a environmental variable

Now after doing this step we need to accept the license on the android studio.

Download the tools and install everything which is required to work with the Compilation and building of Ionic project.

Click on SDK Manager

android studio

Once click on SDK Manager. SDK must be installed properly.

sdk preview

All these tools must be installed on the computer

sdk tools for android
android sdk updates

After installing this. Now we can proceed in the Ionic section to generate the APK from the Ionic project.

Command to build the ionic application and generate the APK.

ionic cordova platform add android
ionic cordova build android

command to generate the apk from ionic
Apk from ionic

Congratulations apk is generated from the Ionic project.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Happy coding.



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