How Wakeupcoders™ Plays Game Changer Role In Software Development And Digital Marketing Industry ?

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How Wakeupcoders™ Was Started ?

It all started from Mumbai, India when the first wave of Covid 19 was started. At that time people were not much aware about the tech stuff like an internet. In other words people were not fully dependent on technology like internet. As the Covid 19 became aggressive, People started learning the other medium to stay connected with the Business, Shopping, Learning, Entertainment and many others, But many of them were not able to get started due to many reasons like financial, knowledge, backward background and others.

Some Cool Offerings By Wakeupcoders

Wakeupcoders Offers best services of Software Development, Digital Marketing, Internet of things, Artificial intelligence and many others. They work on latest technologies like React, Angular and Hybrid kind of applications. Wakeupcoders has made 80+ businesses successfully online with their technologies. They even helped those businesses to expand the worldwide.

  1. Reinvent Yourself

What Makes Wakeupcoders™ From Others ?

Now let’s see how wakeupcoders are different from others and what are the things they have think beyond everything.

1. EZCart Product:

Team has spend enormous time to work on the EZCart product. Its a ecommerce based product which can be used in any kind of shops. The great functionality of this product is, It can be connected with any kind of third party apps and custom business solution can be developed. Blockchain integration is part of its future plan, Also accepting the crypto payments from this product will be possible so its going to be amazing ecommerce application for shopkeepers. checkout the product page.

2. Book on Amazon Web Services:

Team has shown their expertise by writing a book on Amazon Web Service. Its completely based on cloud computing. whoever is interested to learn the cloud computing this book is amazing way to get started with it. check out the link for the same. click here to checkout book.

3. CodersCare Fund:

CodersCare is a fund that is being created so that it can be used to support all those people who can’t afford their business starting process, education and other supports. The support is provided to all those people who deserves the support. click here to know more about coderscare.

4. World’s First Software Machine Employee:

TIM (The Intelligent Macrobot): This is a smart bot which is being created to manage all the automations of wakeupcoders. It works as a manager for this startup. So its the world’s first software based employee of this startup. Alot of its feature is still in development phase but its working as a supporting piller for wakeupcoders team.

5. Project GrocerHut

Grocerhut is a grocery delivery project created by wakeupcoders. Its actually submodel of EZCart project, Using this product they started serving the local areas with grocery.

How to connect with wakeupcoders™ team ?

If you also think you are able to think beyond everything, You want to do amazing stuff like wakeupcoders team, Its easy to connect with them, Team is always helpful and ready for any kind of collaboration. below are the content link of wakeupcoders for more information we can visit :



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