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Introduction to the digital world of marketing


Digital Marketing is a magic stick to make your products and services popular on the internet just a click away from the world. Because today’s world has become digital which have become beneficial for every kind of businesses. Let’s discuss this topic in detail.

  • What is Digital Marketing? Categories of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a way to take any business in the market by using the internet. Nowadays, Every people have their own technical devices like mobile phone, personal computer and laptops which have become more beneficial for everyone. Most of the people are also saving their time and energy through online shopping. Because now we can purchase anything from the internet. So, it also becomes necessary for every businessman to serve their products and services on the internet. In this way, digital marketing is using for the purpose of promotion on the web. Lets clear this topic with an example.

Assume that Riya has started her own business of clothes. She wants to take her business on the market thus she is going door to door for the marketing of her products. It becomes complicated for her to do the marketing of her business in this way. Now, her friend has been suggested for online marketing. She has started promoting her business through online marketing. Now she is getting hundreds of customers in a day. In fact, she is also saving her energy and time.

Let see what are the categories of digital marketing by which we can promote our business.

  • Categories of Digital Marketing:

Let’s go through with the categories of digital marketing. Here the types of digital marketing are following here:

1 SEM: Full name of SEM is search engine marketing which helps to promote any business by showing ads on google. This is one of the paid services of digital marketing. Start to advertise your own business with the help of this service.

2 SEO: SEO is search engine optimization service which uses to provide the ranking to any website on the internet. Because search engine is crowded with the millions of websites thus it is very important to become visible on the internet. Thus this kind of service helps to make your site visible on the web. We will discuss this service very deeply in our next blogs.

3 PPC: PPC is pay per click service in which the advertiser will get paid at each click of any user. By using this service the advertiser will show his/her advertisement of their business. This is one of the best digital marketing services. At the present time, this service has become the energy of any business.

4 Social Media: At the present millions of people are connected through social media. Today’s generation is spending most of the time on social media. Thus it is very beneficial to make your business visible on social media. This is possible through SMO. This is a service of digital marketing that use to increase the publicity of any product.

5 Content Marketing: On the internet, the content of any website is like stuffing of potato parantha. This parantha is nothing without potato. In the same way, websites are nothing without content. The process of creation, publication and distributing own content to any particular customer. This way is called content marketing.

6 Email Marketing: Online marketing is an extremely successful method
of sending out emails to clients and consumers. Effective emails for marketing transform prospects into customers and make one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

7 Influencer: Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement by influencers, individuals and organizations that have a perceived degree of expertise or social influence in their field. Influencer content can be described as testimonial advertising.

8 Viral Marketing: You know about those online viral videos that you see? Well, some businesses use these as an intelligent form of marketing. Whether it’s teaming up with a popular viral content creator, popular social media influencer, or promoting it on its own, viral marketing ‘s idea is to create something share-worthy — by making it funny, trendy and topical.

9 Radio: Although radio used to be based solely on radio waves, now it’s all digital. In other words, radio advertisement now falls into the domain of digital marketing (welcome to the radio club!). Radio advertisements are a perfect way to make your company or your brand noticed and digital advertising has never been easier to do

10 TV: Radio isn’t the only thing to turn to digital. For those who want to advertise on television without charging costly ad slot rates on prime time TV, there are plenty of choices. Yet, even with Television Advertising ‘s digital shift and social fragmentation, some still see the 30-second ad as a vital advertising tool in the coming years.

11 Mobile Marketing: Mobile advertising is something that encompasses all types of digital marketing that we have just described. If it’s mobile media advertising, mobile search advertising or even mobile television and radio ads, any sort of digital marketing that we’ve listed can be moved to mobile. Businesses around the world move more of their advertisement budget to mobile, as customers spend more time on their mobile devices.

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