Introduction to the world of cloud computing

Types of cloud computing?

1. Infrastructure as a Service

2. Platform as a Service

3. Software as a Service

who is using cloud computing?

who use cloud computing

Benefits of cloud computing

benefits of cloud computing

Here is a list of benefits of cloud computing if you are thinking to adopt cloud computing:

Efficiency/cost reduction


If you are using cloud infrastructure then you no need to spend a huge amount of money in purchasing and maintaining equipment. you don't need to invest in hardware facilities or building a large data center for growing your business. you don't need a big IT team to manage your data, you can enjoy the services provided by cloud computing providers staff.

the best thing is it will reduce the cost of downtime, so no need to spend time and money in fixing the issues related to downtime.



the cloud-based solution is best for businesses with growing and fluctuating bandwidth demands. if your business requires an increase, then you can easily increase the cloud storage without investing in physical infrastructure. scalability reduces the risk of operational issues and maintenance. you have high-performance resources at your disposal with the best solutions with zero investments.

Data Security

data security

one of the main concerns of every business or any size of the industry is the security of their data. the cloud offers an advanced security feature that their data is securely stored and handled. such as authentication, access control, and encryption, etc.

Deploy globally in a minute


If you want to expand to the new places you can deploy globally in a minute. with the help of cloud infrastructure all over the world, you can deploy your application in multiple physical locations according to your requirement.

How it is impacting the industry?

cloud memory

earlier times companies used to buy infrastructure which was capable enough to cost money, but now due to cloud computing, it is saving lots of money from companies. now companies don’t need to buy and install heavy servers systems and other infrastructures.

Businesses are now using data from the social media platform and cloud-based information to get a better vision of innovation and customer requirements. cloud technology impacting our world on many levels such as health, education finance, etc . cloud technology is giving a digital platform for shaping strategy and guiding our next generation enterprises how to migrate and participate in the ecosystem.



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