Let’s get started with AWS Cloud9

AWS Cloud9 is an advanced programming environment based on the cloud that offers a framework for publishing, running, and debugging the code directly from a browser. This contains a debugger, application editor, and terminal. It supports hundreds of programming languages including Node.js, C , C++, PHP , Ruby, Perl , Python, and Go. And you don’t need to upload files to launch new tasks or upgrade your production system.

Since your Cloud9 IDE is cloud-based, you can work on your projects from your office , home, or anywhere using an internet-connected machine.
Cloud9 also provides a seamless experience to develop serverless applications, enabling you to easily define resources, debug, and switch between serverless local and remote execution. With Cloud9, you can share your programming environment with your team easily, enabling you to match software and track feedback from each other in real-time.

Benefits of Cloud9:

  • No more local IDE and environments installed and maintained. Only run your AWS Cloud9 programming environment and write, run, and debug apps directly from any browser. To make the process much more effective and time-saving, using features such as application hinting, code completion and step-by — step debugging. Use the Cloud9 terminal to experience browser-based coding that allows users to build any additional programs or enter new commands.
  • No longer requires some other 3rd party application sharing tools. Only share your programming world with your team and start working on your code with just a few clicks. AWS Cloud9 let the members of the team see each other in real time and talk with each other directly from inside the IDE itself.
  • AWS Cloud9 allows the publishing, running, and testing of serverless programs. It preconfigures the development environment for serverless development with all the SDKs, libraries, and plug-ins required. It also provides an environment to test and debug the AWS Lambda functions locally. It helps you to iterate directly on your code, saving time and maximizing the consistency of your work.

Setting up Cloud9 Environment:

Step 1: Log in to your AWS console, and then you will your AWS console go to services option on the top and select Cloud9 option as shown in the below image.

Step 2: After that, you will see a screen like this as shown in the below image, and click on create environment.

Step 3: Enter the name and description and then click on the Next step.

Step 4: Do the configuration settings as shown in the below image. select the marked option below.

Step 5: Select the platform we are selecting here Amazon Linux, then select the IAM Role, and other basic settings and then click on the Next Step button.

Step 6: Review the configuration you have done and then click on Create environment.

Step 7: Your IDE is preparing as shown in the below image.

Step 8: You can see in the below image your IDE is ready to use and your folder is ready with the README.md file.

Step 9: Go to the File menu and click on the new file option as marked in the below image.

Step 10: Give a name to your file as we have given, select your folder, and click on the Save button.


Step 11: Write the code as we are writing code for python so we just wrote code of python, and after writing code, click on the run button marked in the below image and you can see your output downside of the screen as shown below.

print("hello world!!")

This is how we can use AWS Cloud9 for development purpose, hope this blog is helpful for you.

Happy coding!!!!



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