The Hidden Good Impacts of Covid 19

The starting of the Year 2020 was not that much great. Because this was the Time of Corona Virus or in other words Covid 19. It has stopped almost every aspect of human life like transport, Technology, Finance, Food industry. Almost every industry was captured by the power of Corona. It insisted human beings use masks, face shields, and sanitizers. This is one side of covid 19 which we all know. But there are some other sides as well which corona has contributed in a better way. Let's get started with each contribution.

The good impact of covid 19 on Nature

In the worst situation of Covid 19, Pandemic has given humans the new chance to correct/upgrade the mindset and technology. It just upto you, Either you can make excuse and cry for whole life or you can accept the truth, understand the situation and grow your world while others are going down

Narayan Jha

1. Better Environment:

Impact of Covid on Environment

Because of heavy usage of transportaion, The environment was degrading because of carbon emissions, Covid helped to degrade the carbon particle with the help of lockdowns and low transportation use. Skies are getting blue because of reduction of transport systems used by a human beings like Airlines, Trucks and many more which are responsible for Pollutions.

Animal life is happy now with pure oxygen availability.

2. Technology

Impact of covid on technology

The impact of covid 19 on technology was also positive. People are started working from home, because of this now people can spend most of the time with their families, Also IT businesses are growing because in this way the cost of infrastructure usage is less.

As covid can be spread with Air and many other transmission media, Robotics and Artificial intelligence came into the picture to protect human beings from covid and its researches. Santry robots are designed to sanitize the areas.

Arogya Setu App is designed in India to check the Covid situation of individuals. The usage of technology was really great during the time of this pandemic. Even technology is being used to manage a large amount of data for covid infected people and Covid Vaccine Data which is another great thing. Covid also taught human beings, How to stay strong in such scenarios because it's just the starting there is a lot more way to go :).

3. Oxygen

The value of oxygen

In normal days humans forgot the value of oxygen because it was freely available to everyone. Nowadays because of covid 19 people are not getting proper oxygen. Because of this people are understanding the value of oxygen. these are the learnings that nature has made for human beings.

Because of covid there are so many deaths are happened which is not good for humans but still, this was required for the survival of humans and this beautiful earth. With these many bad things, covid has provided the best gifts in the form of new technology like drones, humanoids and many more. This pandemic made people learnt to stay together spend some time with nature and that's all that is required for a happy life. but we humans just to earn extra money want to destroy everything. If still human doesn't understand the warning of nature, Nature will come again with another pandemic.


Now things have happened, we cant change the past, we just need to understand the situation we should work on a better future with a better present. So it's just up to you either to stay happy and move on or cry for your whole life.



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