The Hidden Good Impacts of Covid 19

The starting of the Year 2020 was not that much great. Because this was the Time of Corona Virus or in other words Covid 19. It has stopped almost every aspect of human life like transport, Technology, Finance, Food industry. Almost every industry was captured by the power of Corona. It insisted human beings use masks, face shields, and sanitizers. This is one side of covid 19 which we all know. But there are some other sides as well which corona has contributed in a better way. Let's get started with each contribution.

The good impact of covid 19 on Nature

1. Better Environment:

Impact of Covid on Environment

2. Technology

Impact of covid on technology

3. Oxygen

The value of oxygen


Now things have happened, we cant change the past, we just need to understand the situation we should work on a better future with a better present. So it's just up to you either to stay happy and move on or cry for your whole life.

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