Top 5 bad Impacts of Social Media on India …

Social media is one of the amazing tech creativity designed by humans to spread information with just one click. In earlier days, Mails use to take a lot of time to reach their destination. The software industry has played a big role to make this more advance. There many big tech giants who developed such applications which connected the whole world together. There are many applications like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok which made this big process simple. Now we can connect with any corner of the world with a just tap of a button. Like every coin has two sides, if there is an advantage of social media then we should not forget its disadvantage.

Impact of social media on India

1. Health:

The major impact of Social Networks is on health. Most people are addicted to social networks. They keep on scrolling stories, playing PUBG all the time. such people think that they are enjoying but they are unaware about the loss of health. It has been proved that continuous watching of screen impacts the eye and nervous system. So we must use our devices in an appropriate way.

2. Wastage of Time:

A social network is the biggest wastage of time if it is not being used in a proper way. As time is that money which cant be earned if it's once passed. So we must keep monitoring the usage and progress from the social network we are having. If there is no profit we are getting we should avoid using it.

3. Wastage of Money:

It's very hard to believe that Social networks can be a wastage of money as well. Many people will think that it's free to use then how it can impact money. The answer is the amount of money spent on the billing of the internet, Social networks consume a very high amount of data. By the way Nowadays, the Situation is changed because of Reliance JIO. They made internet data very cheaper. So it's just upon us how efficiently we are using social networks for our growth.

4. Fraud:

Some hackers and programmers use this social network for fraud purposes. They use phishing pages and ransomware viruses to attack other’s systems. So that important information can be breached and they can use that information for stealing money or to blackmail someone for their own benefit purposes. We must be aware before being stuck in such situations.

5. Manipulation of Mind:

Big tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft using people’s data to manipulate their minds. So that product selling can be increased and more revenue can be generated. Almost everyone is aware of this thing. But still, we never hesitate to share our data with the big tech giants which are used by them for the manipulation of minds. It's always better to think once if we are sharing our data with social networks to such tech giants.

Conclusion :

It's really great that technology helped very considerable way to connect everyone but somehow it's being misused which we should not be forgotten. We must consider the above mentioned points and use technology wisely for the personal growth and goodness of others. Most of the Indian people are addicted towards social media, The major benefits of this network are being taken by the big tech giants.



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