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Lists in Python

In Python, multiple elements can be kept in a single variable by using lists. One of the four built-in data types in Python for storing data collections is the list. The other three are the tuple, set, and dictionary, each of which has a unique purpose. Let’s move to understand the lists in python

List the type of Data type in Python

Python List


fruits = ["strawberry", "mango", "date"]

What exactly List is?

Example of list

List items can have duplicate values and are sorted and editable. The first item in a list has the index [0], the second item has the index [1], etc.

When we refer to a list as being sorted, we indicate that the entries are in a specific order that will not alter. The new things will be added at the end of the list if you add more items. The list is modifiable, which means that after it has been generated, we may edit, add, and delete entries from it.

Functions in List

Functions in List

Access Items

List items can be accessed by using the index number, which is indexed:

fruits = ["strawberry", "mango", "date"]

Change List items

If you want to update the value of a certain item, look up the index number:

Change list item
fruits = ["strawberry", "mango", "date"]
fruits[1] = "apple"

Add items

Use the append() function to add an item to the list’s end:

Append list
fruits = ["strawberry", "mango", "date"]

Remove List items

The supplied item is removed using the remove() function.

fruits = ["strawberry", "mango", "date"]

Loop Lists

Using a for loop, you may cycle through the entries on the list:

fruits = ["strawberry", "mango", "date"]
for x in fruits:

Join Lists

To join the two lists we use + operator

aplha = ["a", "b", "c"]
numeric = [1, 2, 3]

final = aplha + numeric

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