What are sitemaps? What are the types of sitemaps?

In this chapter, We are here to discuss sitemap. It is like a guide who leads crawlers to visit the whole website. The main purpose to create a sitemap is to invite a crawler to visit their website. A website has several pages thus it's very complicated for the crawler to visit every page. In this way, sitemaps help to guide the crawlers. They arrange the web pages in series and create a map for the google bots. Thus it becomes easy for the bots to visit every page on any website. Let’s take an example to understand this very clearly.


In this example, you can see how a sitemap has arranged the webpages in sequence. Sitemaps are of two types XML sitemap and HTML sitemap.

XML Sitemap: XML is an extensible markup language that is search engine friendly. This language is understandable for search engine.

HTML Sitemap: HTML is hypertext markup language that is user-friendly.

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