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What Is OFF-Page SEO?

In the starting of this book, we have studied the types of SEO. On-page and Off-page are the two types of SEO. We have already discussed the on-page which provides the 70% ranking to any website. Now we will discuss Off-page. Off-Page includes all those activities that are away from the website to provide ranking to any website. Off-Page provides the 30% ranking to any website and also maintain the ranking of a site. Off-Page includes link-building that create backlinks to our website. Backlinks are those links which we are getting from an another website for our site. Search Engine crawls any website through the links. They will crawl a single page first, Then they will crawl the whole websites.

Link Building

Link Building Includes various activities to get the backlinks.

Off-Page Activities

Off-Page includes various activities. Here we will discuss these activities. Through these activities, our website gets backlinks that help to serve authorization to our website.

  • Local Listing:
Example Of Local Listing

Local listing is a way to list your business online which will locate in your local areas. This kind of activity plays an important role to promote any business online. It will include all your business details and will show your services in google maps and also shows your site at the top in the local area.,, are examples of the local listing.

  • Forum Posting:
Forum Post

Forum post is a way of Producing the inbound quality links by taking part in the discussion forum. In this, you can post anything and reply in the conversation. Message Board, Discussion Groups, Bulletin Boards and Discussion Forum are the examples of Forum Posting sites.

  • Image Share:
Image Submission

Image share is a way to share your website images on another site to create backlinks. Instagram, Flickr, Imgur and Shutterfly are the free image sharing sites.

  • Blog Comment: In the process of SEO blog commenting is a an activity in which the users leave their comments on various blogs. They also get backlinks for their website.
  • Classifies Ad: Classified Ad is a one of the best way to reach their customers through advertising their businesses. Their are many plateforms to advertise any business like On Newspaper, Television, Radio, Pamplates and in other ways. But now its a digital world where we can easily promote our business through showing our ads on advertising sites.
  • Infographics: Inphograph is a pictorial form to represent any informational data. It is the most recent activity for social media and search engine optimisation.
  • Article Share: Article share is a way to share informational data on the various websites. It is a best way to get backlink and it is also very SEO friendly activity. Because crawlers mostly reads the content and articles have informational data which includes 300 words.
  • Social Bookmarking: Social Bookamrking is a way to tag any web page on the browser. This is a browser based tool in which we can mark any web page and visit on that page later anytime. Here are some popular bookmarking sites:
  • Reddit
  • Diggo
  • Delicious
  • Pinterest

Here we have learnt about Off-Page SEO which will provide the 30% ranking to ay website and it also use to maintain the ranking of any site. Hope, these details are informative for you. If you want to explore more then stay tune with us.

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We make your business smarter and broader through the power of the internet. Researcher | Web developer | Internet of things | AI |

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